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Gina T Enterprises’ concierge assist residents of Hudson and Bergen County with various health and beauty needs in the luxury of their homes and communities.  G.T.E. is a parent company of  Entrepreneur and Fitness Mogul, Gina Lee Trochiano. Gina and her team are proud to offer services in her home area, on behalf of Shaping Systems – Wellness & Nutrition programs, Sweat NJ Residential Training & Wellness Services, Sweat NJ Kids -Sports, Dance & Activates for Kids and Destination Glam Squad– Luxe In-Home Beauty and Anti-Aging Services.


We are dedicated to the proposition that anything is possible, we ensure our Members’ needs, goals and expectations are always satisfied, if not surpassed.

“Tutto e`Possibile 

“The amazing part about GTE Concierge Services is the Owner GinaTrochiano. Gina, is a true success story and what really sets her companies apart is she and her team invests 100 percent in others every day.  Gina breaths success and has provide exceptional services to countless men and women. For many of us this is a truly life-changing experience and I think that is what GTE’s true mission is; changing people’s lives for the better.”    -Michelle Glass –Edgewater NJ 

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